Being an insecure guy, the conclusion that I keep reaching is that she doesn’t like me, or that she isn’t interested in me. Recognizing that my insecurity may be hindering my grasp on reality, I’ve decided to ask your opinions. =)

I’ve never really been too “in” to girls. I’m not gay or anything, but it takes a lot for me to be attracted to a girl. In so many words, I like a girl who likes the same things as I do. I like a girl who has personality, above all else.

Pretty much, I met this one girl, who I seem to have a lot in common with. We’ve talked for a few hours at a time before. I just misjudge myself a lot. If there was an awkward silence in our conversation, or I wasn’t as entertaining as usual, or she didn’t seem too interested in what I had to say, or she decided to go and talk to somebody else instead, I’ll start beating myself up. I’ll think I did something wrong, or that there’s something internally wrong with me.

Which is complete stupid, I know. Also rather silly that I’d expect her to talk only to me, even if she liked me the same way that I liked her.

Anyway, let’s get to the point.

I text her every one or two days. Sometimes she’ll respond within a few minutes, sometimes it’ll take her a few hours. Normally, I don’t care too much, because I know she’s busy. Lately, she hasn’t responded to my last three or four text messages. It’s been two days since the first one, and a few hours since the last two. I’m getting kind of anxious.

If it’s been so long since she’s replied, does it mean that she lost interest in me? Assuming that she ever had any? Does it mean she’s writing me off, or doesn’t care? I don’t get it. I’m always the one to initiate texting “conversations” anyway, so I’m not really sure what to think.

Sorry if that was unnecessarily long. Had to get it all out.

Additional Details


I hope I don’t sound obsessive, lol. I just haven’t really talked with many people about this, so everything is coming out at once, and, as a result of that, is slightly dramatized. I’m not sitting at home crying or cutting my wrists or clutching my cell phone in desperation.


secara “kebetulan” baca curhatan ini.. mungkin karena iseng, mungkin karena efek pms, mungkin karena &@#*^&%#%$?! jadi di repost disini

komentar saya setelah baca ini cuma….




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